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Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer “Powered by GameSpy”


Of all the multiplayer technology in the world, Capcom seem to have chosen GameSpy for Lost Planet 3… 

GameSpy was once the centre of online gaming, boasting server support for over 400 games, but it has more recently dropped into disuse, with its name popping up less and less. That’s partly ebcause developers see more value in services like Steamworks, which are integrated right into where people are buying and collecting their games anyway.

That hasn’t stopped Capcom from supporting them, and it was revealed today that Lost Planet 3 will be “powered by GameSpy.” This has a few core gamers very worried. GameSpy hasn’t had a fantastic reputation in the last few years. The final nail in the coffin came at the end of last year, when GameSpy were accused of closing down many games. GameSpy wrote, on their blog, that this was due to publishers not paying for services, although by that time the damage had been done.

Although their were rumours before, it was IGN’s Dan Stapleton that confirmed it a few hours later, via Twitter:


Lost Planet 3 currently holds a 60 on Metacritic, with many complaining that the game feels bloated. One fan of the franchise accused Capcom of trying to mimic Dead Space and suggested giving this one a miss. Our review will be published later this week.


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