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Loot Crate August 2016 – Anti Hero

We have reviewed 4 Loot Crate boxes and 4 Loot Gaming boxes in the past couple months, and generally, we have liked each and every one of them. All the boxes, in our estimation, have been above average for what you pay. That statement is very important. The Anti Hero crate for August 2016 is definitely our least favorite box from Loot Crate, but I would argue it is the worst of the best.

There is nothing wrong with this months box, except it did not really scratch our collectors itch. It probably had to do with our lack of interest in any of this months franchises. Watch our unboxing video below, and jump past the break to see our thoughts on each item in this months box.

Kill Bill Socks – Archer tShirt


Usually I save the tShirt for the end of the articles, but since it is the bright spot in this review, I thought I would lead off with it. The design on the Archer Sterling shirt is really great, playing nicely alongside the US Presidential Election that will happen later this year. While those outside North America may find the shirt design a bit odd, those in Canada and the United States will easily relate. ARCHER STERLING FOR PRESIDENT!
The Kill Bill socks are odd. I have a decent appreciation for the franchise, but not in sock form. I would have much rather got socks from a different franchise – World of Warcraft or event Archer; these socks are a bit ‘load’ for my tastes, and I really couldn’t get away with wearing them with my suites, like I could with the Mega Man socks in last months Loot Wearable.
World of Warcraft Pin
Again, this months pin is of superior quality when compared to other pins other boxes are offering, but it again is the worst of the best. That doesn’t really matter though, because this months pin unlocks multiple expansions for World of Warcraft, and gives a 30 day free trial to those who have not yet had a subscription. That is a pretty sweet deal if you as me!
Well, as long as you haven’t played World of Warcraft. And really, who hasn’t.
Me, I haven’t.
Hellboy Coin Bank


The Hellboy coin bank arrived at my house at the perfect time. As a ground adult who never carries cash, I’ll never have a use for a coin bank, no matter how cool it looks. For the record, I actually really like the design of this one.
Fortunetly, my seven year old son just lost his first tooth, and the tooth fairy arrived to give him a few shinny Loonies and Toonies – 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins in Canada. The bank is sitting next to my son’s bed on his nightstand, and he loves it.
Perfect timing Loot Crate! Thanks!
Harley Quinn QFig


It is really disappointing that more companies don’t include QFig’s in their boxes, because I find them vastly superior to Funko figures. Regardless of that, this months Harley Quinn figure is top notch, outside of the cheap and flimsy hammer she wields.
Like the Hulk we got a few months back, the detail on Harley is really great. Included with this figure is sign that can easily be attached to the base the figure is sitting on. More QFigs in the future Loot Crate! We love them!!

Overall, this months crate was…well…the worst of the best! And that is perfectly OK because I never expected to LOVE every single crate. Good job Loot Crate on making all your crates worthwhile, even if I’m not a huge fan!


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