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Dragon Age Social Game to be Announced Soon?

Heroes of Dragon Age

A forum at the Bioware Social site has revealed a new social game, Heroes of Dragon Age, may be announced in the near future. The forum, which is definitely set up for public access (with role playing and feedback sub-forums set up) is locked to posters, but is accessible at the link above.

The forum has space for news and announcements, gameplay discussion and more, including a testers group which will likely be hidden specifically to beta users when the game is at that point in development. 

Superannuation, who posted about the forum on Twitter earlier today, also posted links to various other sites, trying to find information on just what Heroes of Dragon Age might be. The developers supposedly behind it are working on “developing the next generation of core games on mobile.” They also have staff working in Unity 3D.

However “core” this experience may end up being, the fact it’s a social mobile game and that they’re using a name like Heroes of Dragon Age may turn people off entirely. It seems unlikely that fans of Bioware’s Lord of the Rings-influenced adventure will be super excited about a mobile entry in the franchise, and will likely see this as another example of EA stretching their franchises.

Although not officially announced, the fact that this forum exists in the manner that it does makes this a definite rumour to watch.



EA have now officially announced Heroes of Dragon Age, and have released a few screenshots as well. It’ll be free-to-play, will let you take control of famous characters from Dragon Age lore and will be available to download later this year.


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