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The Last Of Us fan made movie


There’s no denying Naughty Dogs’ The Last Of Us utilizes some of the best story telling narratives in recent history. Drama, excitement, action and even comedy combine to give players one of the best stories found in a video game in recent years. Joel and Ellie’s trek across America would in fact make for a pretty good movie. However, before Hollywood gets their hands on it and desaturates it with corny one-liners, CGI and the stereotypical propaganda, the gaming community (that’s us, or more specifically CommunityGameHQ) gives The Last Of Us the love it deserves and carefully molds every cutscene into one long movie.

The 2-hour long movie was uploaded by CommunityGame on their Youtube channel and even though it’s simply made up of editing all cutscenes from the game into one long video, it’s done in such a proficient fashion that it just works really well. The smooth transitions from one scene to the next still makes the story flow and stay relevant even though a chunk of gameplay is missing.

The video/movie is embedded below. Just be sure to grab a popcorn and get yourself settled first.

The Last Of Us is available now exclusively to Playstation 3.


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