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Splatoon 2 Direct: Gear and Weapons

Style and fashion were on full display today during the Nintendo Splatoon 2 Direct! The ultimate goal of this 25 minute Direct – in my opinion – was to show fans exactly how Splatoon 2 was going to be different than the original title. From my point of view, I think they succeeded, and showed off a ton of things that I’m really excited to get my hands on!



Right off the top, Nintendo dove into the customization options for inklings – players will be able to customize skin tone, eye colour, hair style, and of course, clothing – which we must now refer to as simply, gear.

Gear comes in all different forms, colours, and styles, and will actually have an impact on the game play itself. Different hats, for example, might speed up your movement went swimming through ink, or perhaps allow you to jump slightly higher than you otherwise would be able to. These might seem like minor game altering options to some, but for the hardcore, a few extra seconds or inches could mean the difference between victory or defeat!

Other gear abilities – which need to be purchased and installed by a local vendor – do create some very unique situations for you the player, including thermal ink which will allow you to see inklings through walls who might have walked through it, and the ability to perform specific roll-and-shoot maneuvers when jumping from heights!

But it doesn’t just stop at hats. Inklings can now be decked out in a wide variety of gear, from shirts to pants to shoes. Not only will you get great game play boosts, but also customize the Inkling the way you want it, making you completely unique online!

Make sure to try out everything in Splatoon 2, however, as some gear is unlocked specifically by playing select modes within the game!


Weapons have always been a big part of Splatoon, and we are just getting more of that in Splatoon 2. Again, weapons have various abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, so finding the one that works right for you might take some time. With so many to choose from, you are always bound to get a nice variety on the battlefield.

Minor changes have been made to original weapons that address concerns people had about the original, including being able to swim with a charged up weapon (without loosing a charge) and being able to fling paint vertically with the paint roller to hit further targets. Once again, Nintendo is listening to fans, and making sure their franchises are the best they can possibly be!

Nintendo also announced a slew of sub weapons which will help on the battlefield in Splatoon 2, including remote ink bombs that seek out enemies, and the ability to surround an enemy inkling in a poison gas limiting their abilities. More sub weapons are coming, so expect some surprises when you launch Splatoon 2!

There will also be all new Special Weapons to utilize while inking opponents, but Nintendo has added an update to the HUD to make things easier – and more strategic – for your enemies. When your special meter is full – or the special meter of anyone on the playing field – it will glow in the top player bar, alerting your allies and enemies that you are ready to unleash your power! This new HUD addition will create new and interesting strategic options!


Did this direct change your opinion of Splatoon 2? I was always excited, but now I’m…well, whatever is more than just excited! Come join the conversation on social media, and let us know what you think!




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