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Playmobil Family Fun – Mountain Bike Tour Review (71426)

Not every Playmobil set is going to massive and impressive to look at, but some are full of great pieces that really elevate any child’s Playmobil collection. That is how I feel about the Mountain Bike Tour, one of the newer Family Fun theme play sets available now from Playmobil. There is nothing overly impressive about this set – no cool animals like Wiltopia, or vehicles like the City theme – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of great stuff packed into this box. We are always looking for great little sets that add to our large Playmobil collection, and this is one that instantly caught our eye!


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Again, looking at the box, you might pass this one over. Sure, it includes a few bikes which are not available in a ton of Playmobil sets, and there are three figures which is pretty good for any Playmobil set, but aside from that, it’s pretty non-descript. There is a cool tree you can build with a birds nest, a few lunch boxes for that afternoon picnic, and even a trailer for one of the bikes. Nothing to write home about, true, but when added into your larger collection, this makes an excellent little set!

What I do love about this style of set is that my kids can put this together all on their own. Putting tires on bike rims is really easy; if you’ve read any of our Playmobil reviews in the past that include vehicles, you know I absolutely HATE putting tires on rims. Bike tires, however, are a cinch! Easy assembly meant i could hand this box off to my 5 and 10 year old, and within just a few minutes they were having a blast. This again is a far-cry from other sets I’ve built that took a significant amount of time. Anyone remember the Animal Care Station from the Wiltopia line? That took over an hour to put together – a very long, frustrating hour.


My kids are currently really invested in the City / Country themes, as well as the Wiltopia theme. After getting the Large City Zoo a few weeks ago, our basement has been transformed into a miniature Playmobil city. We have dozens of cars and a few buildings that have created the city centre, the zoo and all the Wiltopia animals are off to the side, and in the country we have horse barns, stables, tractors, fields and more. These bikes fit perfectly into all of these different sectioned off areas. My kids use them to move around the zoo, looking at the various animals and enjoying a few amusement rides. They bike around the town, and out to the farms they’ve created.

PLAYMOBIL 71426 - Mountain Bike Tour

As a standalone set, I’m not sure there is enough value to keep kids interested for a long period of time – however, when added to a larger Playmobil collection, I’m not sure a better set exists in this latest release lineup.


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