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Nintendo Summer Event: Blastball

I think everyone understands that Nintendo’s E3 event was a little disappointing. I also believe that everyone thinks Nintendo is holding on to the really good announcements for the NX. After attending the Nintendo Summer Event in Toronto, Ontario this week, I’ve realized that some games need to be played to be appreciated. Blastball was one of those titles.


When I saw coverage of Blastball during E3, I had no desire to ever play it. Frankly, it looked boring. However, after getting linked up with five other players, I actually began enjoying the game…a lot! Blastball is a lot like soccer, but with giant mechs that can shoot. Using your mechs, you traverse the field shooting at the enourmous ball, and trying to score it in the other players net. The game is obviously deeper than just that. You can opt to shoot at other mechs to deplete their health – unadvised since shooting a mech really does not do a lot of damage – or you can charge up your weapon, and attempt at shooting the ball into the opposition, a tactic that deals a large amount of damage.

While conceptually the game is basic, the fun level is off the charts. I can’t help but wonder how short of a lifespan this game will have though. I don’t see a single player mode being that fun, and without six friends, six 3DS’ and six copies of the game, it might be more difficult to enjoy. It is fun trashtalking the players around you, but with Nintendo’s lack of online communications, playing against random opponents will not be nearly as fun.

Is Blastball something you are looking to try? Part of me hopes Nintendo releases a free demo of this title since you really do have to play it to appreciate it.




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