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First Look Review at a New Early Access RTS Game CrossFire: Legion

What is Crossfire: Legion?

Crossfire: Legion is a real-time strategy game where players engage in tactical combat throughout a shattered world in the future. The game is currently being developed by Blackbird interactive. Throughout the game you will be able to raise and customize your army to fight in fast-paced intense online battles and create your route up the ranks or if you want you can jump in to the 15 mission campaign story from three different factions you can pick.  When you think about this game what comes in mind is usually another Starcraft or Command and Conquer game that both dominated in the world of RTS games. In crossfire: Legion gives you a bunch of different tactics that you can use in the battlefield but also a few unique mechanics.


Crossfire Legion Gameplay

The action in CrossFire: Legion was presented from above. The gameplay involves establishing bases, fortresses, and production structures, raising enormous armies, and fighting intense complex battles. We deploy tanks, mechs, fighters, and special soldiers equipped with future weapons and technologies like jetpacks to spring into actions. During the fighting, we must use these special soldiers and units for different situations where we can overcome the enemies because each enemies have their strength and weakness.

In some of the story missions or custom matches players will be fighting armies, building forts and bases, setting up defenses. When it comes to attack or defense plans, players will have lots of different possibilities. Tankers, soldiers, helicopters, fighter jets, and other vehicles that we can send to the battlefield, but we also have access to a wide range of various technologies and weaponry.

The story campaign in CrossFire: Legion is pretty decent with up to 15 missions in total, and spreading the mission between three different factions. Furthermore, the game has a multiplayer feature where you can go head to head with other players in an intense skirmish match. For the campaign missions themselves seems like I was able to complete them really fast.

The first two missions require no building at all, these mission just give you a bunch of units and then send you more units whenever you progress in the mission, this is pretty common for RTS game where it teaches you the different type of units. The third revolves a different approach where you focus around a stealth unit that player will have to used to steal resources from a Global Risk base in order to build your own Headquarters. Each mission approach is unique and focus on a different approach and I believe it is like a tutorial in a way for players to learn the different units and abilities each one has.



The Different Types of Weapons

Let’s talk about the different weaponry system which all is based on real-life models, and each weapon falling within there own categories. Some of the other categories are machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Each type functions similarly to its real-world counterparts, where machine guns are heavy, powerful, and with a significant reload times. While Shotguns are effective at close range they are not something you want to used for long distance. Submachine guns are lighter and has a higher fire rate but on the downside they have less damage.

Graphics & Visuals

CrossFire: Legion has both vibrant and high-quality graphics. The game has both amazing detailed graphics that makes you think you are playing a next gen of real time strategy games. The weapon fire and explosions effects were amazing, it looks fantastic.  There are numerous small animations of units and structures. The audio for the game and explosion are great and it sounds close to watching a movie.


Crossfire is a really fun real time strategy games that brings back old school RTS where it is all about fast-paced and building fast to destroy your enemies as quickly as you can. The game is still in early access so there is potential to being great, and the developers are working hard to make that possible. I haven’t really tried the online concept of the game but I am looking forward to trying out after I finish playing the campaign.

With that being said, the campaign is long but feels like a tutorial that teaches you about each factions. I’d will recommend Crossfire: Legion if you already know your way around fast-paced, competitive RTS games from playing other games that CrossFire: Legions is for you.

Crossfire: Legion is currently out on Steam in early Access.