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Xenoblade Chronicles X Officially Unveiled


Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X has officially been announced for a 2015 release on Wii U. The follow-up to the 2010 Wii exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles captures the same art style of its predecessor and will focus on the strong storytelling and the bonds held between mankind’s last remaining survivors.  The characters of Xenoblade Chronicles X become locked in an intergalactic war, and the game focuses on their struggle as they are forced to fight for their future against an invading alien race. The trailer showcases these survivors in a heated battle of mechs and gunships.

Xenoblade Chronicles X looks to expand on the battle system that was the forefront of the original Xenoblade Chronicles by offering an active time battle system in real time. This time, the player can use mechs to battle enemies and traverse the world, as was seen in last year’s E3 trailer.

Xenoblade Chronicles’s incredible story involves two massive titans, the Bionis, and the Mechonis, who were forever frozen in combat on a planet of endless ocean. Eventually, life forms begin to evolve on the titans. Humans, known as Homs, begin to live on the Bionis, while mechanical life forms known as the Machina live on the Mechonis. Both of these species have been engaged in war for the entirety of their existence.  You are Shulk, a Homs that seeks revenge on the Machina for attacking and destroying his home. As Shulk, you take up the legendary sword made of light known as the Monado, which is the only weapon that can damage the Machina.

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