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Star Fox Wii U is Coming

starfox wiiU

According to Time Magazine, a much loved franchise is coming back to the Wii U. In a conversation with Nintendo prior to the beginning of E3, Time Magazine was able to get valuable information on Nintendo’s latest project: Star Fox for Wii U.

Star Fox has traditionally always been a spaceship shooter, although during the GameCube era, Nintendo branched into a 3D adventure. Star Fox will once again head to space in his next adventure, but creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that it will use the gamepad like never before. These special controls will require gamers to not only use the motion control to fire, but do so while simultaneously using the analog sticks to move the space craft.

Miyamoto told Time that Star Fox was originally designed for the Wii, but they never got the feel of the game right, so it was moved on to Wii U. They have been experimenting with the title for the last 6-10 months.

Star Fox is joining a list of other titles which Miyamoto says will use the gamepad as it was intended to be used. Perhaps this is a foreshadowing that we will not be seeing a gamepad-less skew for a while.

At the end of Nintendo’s E3 presentation, we saw Miyamoto talking about a “special” title that would soon be revealed. Although the screen was blurred, it was quite obviously Star Fox Wii U. In a press release to Eurogamer, released second after the show ended, they confirmed that the game was on its way.


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