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PlayStation Battle Royale Sold Over a Million Units, No New DLC


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sold over a million units, Shuhei Yoshida has revealed. Across two platforms, the Sony-focussed brawler included many fan favourites from the last two decades of PlayStation, although a few key heroes were missing and this affected initial reaction. This, paired with a general lack of marketing, caused the game to do only moderately well at retail, but also the hiring of a new marketing team and the dismissal of Superbot, the developer behind Battle Royale.

Said during his interview with Podcast Beyond, Yoshida said that Sony liked the idea behind it, although sales weren’t strong enough to warrant a sequel or even any more DLC. As a Sony published first-party game, there’s every chance that they got most of their initial investment back (depending on how much they had to pay for characters and for those videos), but the news that the game is now finished in terms of new content may be the final nail in the coffin.


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