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New releases this week | June 10th – June 17th

Very quite on releases for the following 7 days, possibly due to E3 taking all the limelight this week. The Last Of Us keeps the ‘quality over quantity‘ phrase alive though.


The Last Of Us

With over 30 perfect scores from reviewers around the globe and a metacritic score of an impressive 96/100, The Last Of Us hits the ground running.
This new IP from Naughty Dog, creators of the acclaimed Uncharted series, puts you in the shoes of Joel, a black-marketeer who made a promise to a friend to get a young girl (Elle) to safety during a virus outbreak. The duo trek across a post-apocalyptic United States while fending off infected and the military who are actively tracking them down. The graphics are so realistic you will need to see it to be believe it. Be sure to pick it up when it release worldwide on Friday. 


The Last Of Us
June 14th (worldwide)
PS3 exclusive



Yoshi [Virtual Console]

This re-release of the 1992 Game Boy classic will be available for download for the Wii U Virtual Console for a mere 30 cents. Yes, just 30 cents.
Play as Mario as he attempts to save his dino friend by catching Goopas and Bloopers as they fall from the sky in this simple yet slightly addictive puzzle game.


June 12th (worldwide)
Wii U [virtual console]




Ever wanted to play as a vampire with a thirst for blood? Now you can in RealmForge Studio’s new game simply titled Dark. Eric Bane is a newly formed vampire that quickly discovers he needs blood to survive or face a fate worse than death itself. This new edition to the Stealth genre will be released in the US on Tuesday. The game is already out in Europe.


June 11th (US) – already available in Europe.



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