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Miitopia Demo Impressions

Yesterday, Nintendo released a demo for their upcoming 3DS game Miitopia via the eshop. I have had a chance to play the demo and complete it! Here are my hands on impressions of Miitopia.


I beat the Miitopia demo. It took me a little bit over three hours. That is a lot of play time for a demo! And I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to play it again. Let me tell you about the demo.

Miitopia starts off with a cute drawn cutscene that explains the game’s story. I won’t spoil that for you. All I’ll say is that the story is pretty simple but its also extremely goofy. I’m a huge fan of goofy. Tomodachi Life is one of my favorite 3DS games (and its insanely goofy). Miitopia is similar to that game in some ways, but different in others.

The main difference between the two games, of course, is that Miitopia is an role playing game. So the player quickly gets sent off on a quest and fights battles. He or she will get allies in the demo and be able to complete most of the quests they are given.

The game’s battle system seems simple, but there is a lot of depth to the battles when you consider the jobs provided, level up powers, different weapons and armor, and the personalities of your fighters.

The demo presents many places to explore, enemies to fight, and things to get! You can even try out the game’s amiibo functionality too, which is pretty cool. The Zelda outfit you get from the Link amiibo is great.

The Tomodachi Life like gameplay comes in when you’re characters interact in the field or at Inns. The humor in this game reminds me of Tomodachi a lot. I do think that the Miis in Miitopia looks better than in that game though. Both are fun games and you should try them!

I highly recommend that our readers download the Miitopia demo, especially if you like Tomodachi Life or rpgs like The Denpa Men. Miitopia is a lot of fun. I really hope I get the chance to play the full game! Its looks like Miitopia is going to be a huge game.


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