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GRCast Promo (Season 2)

Joe Ryan and the GRCast Team are returning this week with the first of their second season of gaming podcasts. Join us as we introduce a whole host of new ideas, new faces and new laughs. Watch as Joe tests our writer’s knowledge of this hobby that we love, and as we tackle the biggest, most important gaming issues of the day. Our second season kicks off with our GRCast E3 Special, where we’ll be balancing the ups and downs of the biggest event in the gaming calender. And is E3 sexist? That’s an accusation we’ve heard this week, but is there any meat in it? 

GRCast Season Two – starting this week.

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GRCast is a funny gaming podcast hosted by Joe Ryan. He’s joined by a variety of guests each week, professional gamers and video game journalists. For serious discussion on a range of industry problems, hilarious banter and thought-provoking ideas, you can’t miss out on the GRCast.

The second season adds a whole host of new ideas including world exclusive trailers for games we hope never actually make it to stores, weekly themes so that you know exactly what you’re getting each week and a wider variety of speakers.

And don’t forget, you can subscribe to us and catch every episode through iTunes or Feedburner. New episodes are released every week.


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