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Final Fantasy XV Screenshots, Battle Trailer


Final Fantasy XV, nee Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will probably be with us within the next 18 months. The excitement is palpable, and I’m sure people who have been waiting the best part of a decade for this are going to be obsessing over trailers and screens for months and weeks to come. We thought we’d make that a little easier by providing a few screens of our own.

There has been something of a blowout on Final Fantasy XV in recent weeks, a surprise given that very little was leaked. We all heard of the possibility of it having become Final Fantasy XV, but just as many people were sure it was all going to fall apart as well. 

It’s also fair to say that XV is a Final Fantasy unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and while it was stressed by Shinji Hashimato that this doesn’t mean the series will be abandoning its straight JRPG roots in the future, it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how people react.

“For Final Fantasy XV, we have action packed game system, but that doesn’t mean the next title will be a similar thing.

“[An] action based RPG fits XV, that’s why we chose this. For people like me, I want a game that’s easy to operate. [We’re] asking the dev team to be flexible about difficulty level. I want you to understand that the Final Fantasy series is always evolving, always challenging. This is a change JUST for XV.”

Final Fantasy XV will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One some time after the financial year ends.


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