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DriveClub PS+ Edition not as complete as retail version

Jack Tretton announcing Driveclub free for PS+

Jack Tretton announcing Driveclub free for PS+

The announcement that DriveClub will be given free to PS+ subscribers was met with a loud applause from the audience at E3 on Monday night. However Senior Designer for Evolution Ben Gouldstone later admitted that the free PS+ Edition is not as complete as what buyers of the full retail game would be getting. Think of the Plus Edition as a Prologue of sorts with less content than the full retail version. Or at least that is what we are led to believe. So how exactly do the 2 versions differ from eachother? Well the exact details are bit vague at the moment because Gouldstone is quoted in saying:

The main difference between them is the amount of content. The idea behind this is, you’ve got PS Plus, you get your PS4 and you’ve got DriveClub, day and date, with the full feature set. You can do asynchronous races, synchronous races, you can do offline races. You can start creating your clubs, race with your friends, and start building your community.

Yet when pressed on the issue to elaborate a little bit more on what exactly would be restricted Gouldstone becomes reluctant to comment and instead says the PS+ version would provide PS+ gamers full access to all of DriveClub’ features.

So from what we can gather from Ben Gouldstone’s brief statement the Plus Edition of DriveClub will be practically identical to the retail version but may offer a lesser selection of cars and tracks. Sounds fair enough.


DriveClub will be a launch title for PS4 this holiday season exclusively to PS4. Existing and new Playstation Plus Members will receive the downloadable DriveClub PS+ Edition free of charge.


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