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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Coming to PlayStation Plus?

EU PlayStation Plus members may be getting something a little more strategy-based over the coming months, maybe as soon as in the July content update. As an IP that’s spent quite a while out of the limelight, it would make sense to expose as many people to the XCOM franchise as possible before 2K start pushing The Bureau towards its August release date, and releasing Enemy Unknown through the Plus service would be a great way to accomplish that. It may just happen – that’s what Chris Howe was hinting at this week, when a Plus subscriber asked whether we might ever see XCOM as a free IGC game.

“We may have something planned………..”

Other similar questions were either ignored, brushed off or answering in a more non-committal fashion, so this one may just be more revealing than perhaps 2K would have liked. Even so, it’s a very different sort of game for the Plus service and one that I’ve seen requested more than once. All the pieces certainly make sense, we just have to wait and see if everything falls into place.



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