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Turmoil Launches on Nintendo Switch

After launching for the PC all the way back in 2016, oil-tycoon simulator Turmoil is now available for the Nintendo Switch.  The simulation game comes with it’s previously released DLC pack, The Heat Is On, which gives players access to new maps and mechanics.  Turmoil will have you bidding for land, and extracting oil from the earth below.  Success comes in the form of growing your town, outbidding others for more land, bribing authorities, and expanding your empire.

On the Switch, players will be able to use touchscreen or traditional controls in a game that seems like a great fit for the system.  It looks to be a pretty self-aware, fun game, that has generally received favorable reaction from critics.

The game is 20% off ($11.99) until June 11th.  Look forward to seeing more reaction from us soon.


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