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The Adventures of Elena Temple

The Adventures of Elena Temple is a game…about a game. A retro old game in fact! How exactly does this game work? Is it interesting? Do you want to play it? Check out my review of The Adventures of Elena Temple for Nintendo Switch!


The Adventures of Elena Temple is the story of a fictional retro game that started with one fictional retro system and ended on another. The player is presented with each “system” in a menu and can play on any “system” whenever they want. The text underneath each one tells the story of Elena on that device. The actual Elena game has a very basic story. It is “retro” video game after all!

The game looks different on each system by way of the color scheme, some color changes more radical than others, but keeps the same characters and backgrounds overall. Think of Elena as a game like Pac-man or Defenders or some other retro game that got ported from device to device. Elena’s color scheme changes but Elena stays the same game throughout “time”.

And to further along the idea that the game is the same on each “system” is the fact that you can save the progress of where you are at in the game and then go to a different system and pick up where you left off! Thats pretty neat but it would have been cool if each device had its own Elena and you could have several different games going. Still its fun carrying on the same save data througout the “years”.

As for the game’s actual content, The Adventures of Elena Temple is a platformer/adventure game thats much more open then a lot of retro games were back then. There is a lot of places to go in this 2D platformer. Its not a sidescrolling game though because you can go up and down and over. Elena Temple reminds me of a Castlevania game, though your character has a gun instead of a whip.

The Adventures of Elena Temple is slightly better than a lot of retro platformer/adventure games were “back in the day”. It is a good game and has a unique idea behind it.

If you’re in the mood for a neat platformer/adventure game in the style of something like Castlevania, then you should check out The Adventures of Elena Temple. This game gets a 8.0 out of 10.

Thanks to GrimTalin for providing a review copy of this game. The Adventures of Elena Temple will be out May 15 for the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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