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TERA Adds Real Money Boob Jobs for in-game Avatars


If there’s one thing that sells, it’s boobs. Whatever your opinion on using a curvacious figure to push a product, there’s no doubt that it works. The MMO genre is particularly¬†heavy with mammary glands, and it’s about to get heavier. TERA has just possibly become the first MMO to sell boob jobs for female characters… and they’re charging real money to boot.

Now, it’s important to note that making them bigger isn’t the only option. You can choose to alter your characters shape in any way you want, so long as you have the right item to do so. Like a pack of Pokemon cards, the Heroic Chest (jokes in the comments) contains only one of the following items:


  • 7x Shape Changer: Chest Enhancement (1 day)*
  • 7x Shape Changer: Chest Reduction (1 day)*
  • 7x Shape Changer: Grow (1 day)
  • 7x Shape Changer: Shrink (1 day)
  • 7x Shape Changer: Thicken Thighs (1 day)
  • 7x Shape Changer: Thin Thighs (1 day)
  • 7x Shape Changer: Big Head (1 day)


  • 1x Shape Changer: Chest Enhancement (Permanent)*
  • 1x Shape Changer: Height (Permanent)
  • 1x Shape Changer: Thighs (Permanent)

In real terms this means you might need to shell out multiple times to get your chest enhancement. The developers were also quick to say that you’ll only be able to enhance the breasticles of female characters – sad news for those of us feeling a little hefty in the moob department. Review of the game is available here.


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