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Summer Game Fest Air Date Announced

Summer Game Fest will be back again. An air date and time has been announced for the event. We have the information below, plus some thoughts on it.


Summer Game Fest will live stream on June 9th at 1pm central/2p ET. It’ll be online and will be on select imax screens too! The event will include announcements, reveals, and Day of the Devs.

Since it looks like E3 isn’t happening this year, Summer Game Fest will likely be as close to an E3 replacement as we get. Xbox/Bethesda will be holding an event on June 12 too. There has been no announcement for a Nintendo Direct yet. Summer Game Fest will likely be the place to find some third party games and many indies. Geoff Knighley will host as always.

What do you think of Summer Game Fest? Will you miss E3?


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