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Playmobil Review – Water Park with Slides

Last year, the fantastic folks at Playmobil were nice enough to send over their early learning Playmobil sets, 1-2-3 Aqua which my 2.5 year old son absolutely loved. Unlike regular Playmobil, no small pieces were included with these sets that we reviewed. Everything was really big and chunky, easy to grab and easy to play with. He had a blast. Now at 3.5 years old, he’s begun to invest more of his time in more complex Playmobil sets, and because of his love for all things water, we knew that the Water Park with Slides set would be the perfect next step in his Playmobil adventure.


One of things I’ve noticed when reviewing Playmobil is that the complexity of each specific set varies drastically. In a future review, we are looking at a very complex Ayuma set that has a similar number of pieces to the Water Park with Slides set, but is much more difficult to put together. This set was relatively straight forward, and while my 3.5 year old son couldn’t do most of it, I was shocked when he was able to put many of the small flowers on the decorations surrounding the slides.

The only “difficult” part of this build was sometimes making sure you were putting some of the pieces in the correct spots. While structurally, misplaced decorations won’t be a problem, misplacing the anchor points for the slide towers is, and even with my superior knowledge of building toys, I made a few mistakes. Thankfully, included building tools with the set make getting pieces out of the wrong spot, and into the right spot, very easy.

The entire build took less than 20 minutes, and most of that time was spent putting small flowers onto the shrubs/vines that surround the slides. After it was all complete, we filled the pool base with water and we were ready to play!

Once we finally got the set together, Lincoln had so much fun. It provided hours of entertainment per day, for over a week. And even after that, he’s still pulling it out of the box almost every day since than. Right now, we have moved the Playmobil outside into the back yard, and Lincoln is playing with it alongside other Playmobil sets, creating his own little city out by his mailbox. He even has his farmers go the waterpark for the day!

This is an excellent set for multiple little hands to enjoy. With a few characters included, and the ability to bring over other Playmobil figures for a day of fun in the sun, it’s a great set for sharing. With it’s large size, there is plenty of room for 2 or 3 little friends to enjoy the waterpark. The decorations and mechanics built into the set make for hours of play, my son’s favourite being the way the floor drops out below a Playmobil figure’s feet before plunging them down the red slide and into the water.

At 79.99, it is one of the more expensive Water Park Playmobil sets, but it’s one with plenty to do, and lots of things to build with. As the set can actually hold water, they have that additional element many Playmobil themes don’t have. And with all the sun we are expecting to get in Southwestern Ontario this spring and summer, this will be the perfect outdoor playset!

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