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Aqua Park Playmobil Another Ideal Outdoor Toy This Spring and Summer

Yesterday, we detailed how the newer lineup of Playmobil toys, the Pony Farm collection, was a perfect toy to play with outside this Spring and Summer, and today we are back with yet another lineup that we are really excited about. How could Playmobil themed after a water park NOT work well as a toy for those sunny days? We think the Aqua Park themed sets from Playmobil will be another perfect option for your kids this season. You can find an entire list of the sets here, but let’s dive into some we are excited about!

Water Park with Slides

Pieces Included: Figures: 1 woman, 1 boy Accessories: 1 pool, 1 tower, 1 platform, 1 puffer fish head with lantern, 1 free fall slide, 1 spiral slide, 1 diving board, 3 rocks, 1 palm tree, 4 flower tendrils with flowers, 2 fence tendrils with flowers, 2 deco fish, 2 deco moray eels, 1 rope ladder, 1 climbing net, 1 platform, 2 fence tendrils small with flower, 4 fence tendrils large with decor


Ok, so like yesterday we are putting the crème de la crème at the top of our list, that focal point that all your other Aqua Park sets are going to fit around. This amazing two-player+ shareable set includes two big waterslides, a pool to land in, and a few figures for your young ones to enjoy. And this is legitimately a water toy, which means you can fill that basin up with water and ACTUALLY have your characters slide into the pool!

We’ve actually been really impressed with the water sets from Playmobil – you can read about our thoughts on the 1.2.3 Aqua sets from last Fall here! These sets are going to cater to a slightly older age of children, but we think our youngest – three year old Lincoln – will enjoy this set as well. And as a great focal point for future purchases, it’s basically a no-brainer! Although it comes in at a decent 79.99 price tag, what you get seems to be worth the price of entry!

Small Pool with Water Sprayer

Pieces Included: Figures: 1 boy, 1 girl, animals: 1 bird Accessories: 1 fun pool, 1 wooden platform, 1 wall transparent, 1 water sprayer, 1 shower with pump, 3 hoses, 1 palm tree, 1 rock, 1 fish costume, 1 fish hat with lantern, 1 target with water barrel, 1 line with 2 attachment points , 1 flower, 1 tree, 1 plant, 1 fence vine with flowers, 1 deco moray eel


Although slightly cheaper than the Water Slides with Pool set we talked about above, this 54.99 carnival-game-esque set might actually prove to be more enjoyable for those young kids in your life! This set comes complete with a working squirt gun which seems to be powered by a built in yellow bulb that can be pressed to push the water through the gun. Fill up the bucket and watch it tip over onto unsuspecting swimmers!

I really enjoy the detail on this set, specifically the fun little floater the one character is wearing. Again, with two figures it is something that can be shared with a friend, although I can assume everyone will be wanting to use that squirt gun!

Paddle Boat Rental

Pieces Included: Figures: 1 woman, 1 boy, 1 girl; Accessories: 1 juice bar, 1 wooden dock, 1 rock, 1 fence element, 2 paddle boats, 1 shelf, 1 counter, 2 flower pots, 2 plants, 6 flowers, 1 cutting board, 1 knife, 1 cooking spoon, 1 juice punch jar, 2 juice bottles, 3 vials, 5 glasses, 1 basket, 3 pineapples, 1 melon, 2 coconuts with straw


Let’s get away from the pools and slides, and grab that lakeside establishment, the Paddle Boat Rental. Although we haven’t played with any of these sets yet – and we hopefully will, so stay tuned for reviews – this set might be the best bang-for-your-buck of the entire theme! At only 39.99, you get a ton of cool features that will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Unlike the squirt gun we talked about above, there are actually TWO paddle boats included with this set, which makes it on-par with the Slides and Pool set we talked about off the top in terms of it’s two-player+ shareability. I could see my kids having an absolute blast with this set, and honestly cannot wait for them to experience it!

There are lots of great Aqua Park sets available on the Playmobil website. Be sure to let us know which ones you pick up!



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