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Playmobil 1.2.3 Aqua the Perfect Gift for those Young Kids

Playmobil has always been a popular toy in the Roffel household, and my kids have gone through phases. There was the city phase, where they couldn’t get enough of firefighters, doctors, construction workers and more. Then they moved onto the pirate phase, and I was constantly tiptoeing around pirate swords and treasure chests littered across my basement floor.

With all of these toys, however, there has been one disconnect – my three year old. While the figures themselves are easy enough to play with, he cannot enjoy the finer pieces included in these sets because he just doesn’t have the skills to make them work. So, while his brother enjoy their growing city, he loses interest and leaves. Thankfully, Playmobil 1.2.3 Aqua combines two things he loves – Playmobil that is age appropriate and water.

Big thanks to our friends at Playmobil for sending over the 1.2.3 Aqua sets, which included: 1.2.3 Aqua Splish Splash Water Park, 1.2.3 Aqua Water Wheel Carousel, 1.2.3 Aqua Water Slide Playset, and Aqua Duck Family.

Where to start. One constant for my three year old every since he could walk is a water table in the backyard, which has provided him hours upon hours of fun during the warmer seasons of the month. The big issue, however, is that the water table is only available and enjoyable about 5-6 months out of the year. With the Playmobil 1.2.3 Aqua sets, he’s been enjoying watery fun daily for the last week…all while snow lays on the ground just out the window. And based on the interactions I see him having with the sets, he’s having a lot more fun with these few sets than he is with his giant table outside.


And I think that’s because the sets work so well together. All the aqua characters and pieces fit together to create a nice “water park” for him to enjoy. While all these sets obviously work together – they are all under the Playmobil 1.2.3 Aqua franchise – some actually go together directly, creating more fun and new ways to play.

With plenty of characters, and lots of interactive options available with each and every set – whether turning what I like to call the Lazy River on the Splish Splash Water Park or pouring water into the bucket to tip the slide – he’s even been able to rope his brothers and his friends into playing with him, with no fighting. So often with toys, they are very singular experiences. One buildable car, or perhaps one Playmobil vehicle. While that isn’t a bad thing, it does require multiple purchases to make a toy franchise shareable. With the Aqua 1.2.3 Splish Splash Water Park, there are multiple figures and many stimulating play things to experience, making the sharing process much simpler.


If you’ve ever had young kids, you know how hard sharing can be.

Here are a couple key bits about the Splish Splash Water Park that we think you will find helpful:

  • Meet your friends on a sunny day for some fun at the Splish Splash Water Park! The colorful playsets from PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 AQUA each promote important developmental skills
    This Stage 3 – Little Expert set will help your toddler develop cognitive, fine motor, and language skills all while having a great water play experience!
  • Discover the various game functions by turning the crank to help the water flow and create a lazy river, moving the floating rafts and animals with it.
  • Those looking for a break from the river action can move to the center pool for calmer waters
  • Combine this playset with the Water Seesaw with Watering Can, Water Slide, and Duck Family (70269-70271 – each sold separately) for even more splash-filled fun. Set includes one adult figure, two child figures, baby octopus, fish, and floating rafts and boats

You can purchase the Playmobile 1.2.3 Aqua Splish Splash Water Park here.


The the other sets that we got the chance to look at are equally as impressive. While not as grand as the Water Park, these sets add to the fun and outside of the Duck Family set, all have a different water-initiated mechanism that makes playtime much more exciting! These are great ways to add to the Aqua 1.2.3 experience for a relatively low cost compared to the base Water Park set. You can purchase these below:

1.2.3 Aqua Water Wheel Carousel:

1.2.3 Aqua Water Slide Playset:

1.2.3 Aqua Duck Family:

1.2.3 Aqua Water Seesaw with Watering Can:

If you have young kids who enjoy a water table from time-to-time, the 1.2.3 Aqua playsets will be a favourite of theirs almostly instantly. My three year old cannot get enough, and even my older kids are getting in on the fun!


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