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Get Rich Quick Scheme for Farming Simulator 2015

While a review of Farming Simulator 15 for Games Reviews is still a ways off, I thought I would share my first in-game tip that will have you taking baths in dollars bills in no time! If you are looking to establish your own sand box mode – a mode sadly lacking from this game – then follow these easy tips!


First, sell off everything you own. Every tractor, every truck, and ever piece of equipment. Sell it all, and invest in logging equipment. With your extra dollars, put up some place-able trees. Note! You don’t want to plant trees (as these will take time to grow before they can be harvested), but you will want to place fully grown trees. A fully grown tree will cost you 6-7000 dollars a piece, but can be chopped down giving players 3 or 4 trunk sections worth 6000ish each.

When you only have a stump, sell it back to the store for half the value. Rinse and repeat.

Before you know it, you will have tons of money to begin farming. Hopefully, you have enough money so that you don’t have to worry about what you grow or how efficient you are. You can just have fun.

I’m hoping a future update to Farming Simulator 2015 will bring about a true sandbox mode with either a VERY high starting $ amount, or no currency at all. After all, some people really just want to farm without worrying about the economics of it all.

A full review of Farming Simulator 2015 on Xbox One will be up on Games Reviews in the near future.


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