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The Witcher 3 Game Details Revealed

If you are one of the many people who have been on the edge of your seat awaiting what adventures Geralt of the Witcher games faces next, it looks like your wait will soon be coming to an end. CD Projekt RED has been getting a lot of attention for their upcoming Cyberpunk game, but it turns out that while everyone has been focused on that they’ve been hard at work on the third instalment of the Witcher franchise. Due out in 2014, they’ve finally released some more details about the upcoming title.

The main news making headlines over the past few days is that those pesky QTEs that have plagued fans of the series will no longer be there after the numerous complaints from fans. The game will focus more on an open world style of gameplay, taking a cue from Bethesda’s recent RPG work. Some of the additions to the game seem minor, but will add a ton of value to the game; Geralt will be more agile, having the ability to jump and climb now. It seems like a minor thing, anyone that played The Witcher 2 knows how clunky the controls felt.

On top of that, the folks at CD Projekt RED are implementing an advanced targeting system that will allow for you to zoom in and target specific parts of enemies. If that sounds a whole heck of a lot like the VATS system from Fallout 3, you’re probably right. One can only hope that the level of depth will be the same, to the point where limbs and body parts can be damaged specifically or even blown off. Not because we gamers are sadistic types, but just because it was oddly satisfying.

There will also be a focus on hunting, as Geralt is now able to track and hunt animals. Scavenging furs and body parts will give him new crafting options, or he can sell them for a little extra cash. Add this with the reported 50 hours of gameplay, no limits on where you can travel to from the offset and the ability to level up to level 60 and you have all the makings of a great game on the horizon; a must-purchase for next gen consoles and the PC.

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