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SimCity Modder Plays Offline, Could Increase City Size

EA said it couldn’t be done, but a SimCity modder has proven them wrong – a mere week after release. Worse, he was also able to edit outside of his city and have it save, proving that a bigger city size would be easily implemented as well.

By using the debug mode, modder UKAzzer managed to disprove many of EA’s statements on the DRM false. For now you still need to reconnect to the server if you want to save, but that’s a temporary problem. UKAzzer’s discovery might quickly lead to a crack for the torrent, and if that happens the only people suffering from the always-on connection will be those that paid for the game. 

There have been mixed messages from EA. Although we’ve heard they might be considering making the game offline, we’ve also been told that the game was planned this way from the very beginning and that it would completely break the game to turn off the servers.


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