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Nindies Showcase Video (3/20)

Nintendo had an Indie (Nindie) showcase video today! You can check it out below and then please come back here for my thoughts on the showcase.

I thought that the Nindies Showcase video was pretty good! Probably the best one in awhile (though its lack of Steamworld Quest was distrubing. Yes, I know it was in the last one but still).

The showcase got off to a great start with the reveal that Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch! This game’s graphics has always looked incredible. I know the game is supposed to be really hard but I still want to play it. It looks like a classic Disney cartoon on acid.

As for the reast of the Nindie showcase, it was a mix of ok and really cool looking games. I was especially impressed with Double Fine’s game Rad and The Red Lantern. Blaster Master Zero 2 (out today) looked fun. I’m also looking forward to the Stranger Things game! And the Cadence of Hyrule looked neat, though I’m not into rhythm games so I’ll probably skip it.

Overall, it a great showcase. Did you see anything you’d want to play?


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