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Massive Update Bringing HD Textures and Fixes to Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t very well received, and with good reason – the game sucked. This was especially so for PC, where the developers had seemingly took everything that was good about the console version – and it was slim pickings there as well – and made it worse. Even the graphics seemed to take a knock, in part thanks to FPS glitches that some suffered from. Gearbox have this morning announced that they’re bringing a pretty major patch to the game’s PC version in the hopes of smoothing everything out. I can’t imagine it’ll fix the myriad of game issues, but it might just make it less “not at all playable.”

The patch, which was announced on the Gearbox forum this morning, is similar to the one released on consoles not too long ago. With it come a set of PC-specific fixes, including HD textures and mouse smoothing. Although there’s no final date for the release of the patch, it’s in the final stage of testing and you can expect it over the next week or so. The only other said was that the update is going to be quite large – probably thanks to the HD textures – so you’ll want to plan a little extra time when you next want to play Colonial Marines.

Full update notes will be available when the patch releases.

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