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Hitman Absolution Online Players Bring in the Bucks

An infographic released by Square Enix today proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the online portion of the excellent Hitman Absolution is doing very well. Players have collectively earned 1.77 Trillion dollars, and the most played levels have collectively seen nearly 1.5 million plays. It also showed that Spain has the world’s most efficient snipers by some 20 kills per user. If there was a country in Europe to be suspicious of, we may just have found it.

The Contracts mode allows players to set up hits in any way they’d like across a number of the game’s levels. This has led to hundreds of filled with references to the likes of Kill Bill and previous Hitman games. Level makers can also choose to grant you specific weapons. Competing over scores is a nice way of proving yourself against other plays once you’re done with the main story.

Hitman came out at the end of last year, and although reception among fans of the older series was mixed, it was well reviewed and sold far better than some had predicted. 




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