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Egg Shaped PS4? – Just what are Sony UK Teasing?

Sony have yet to show off their PS4 console, and it’s causing many to wonder just what the device will look like. That’s why a post on the UK Sony Facebook page is causing a bit of a splash with their followers. The picture shows a red egg-shaped device that looks as much like a chair from an old sci-fi program than it does a games console. This can’t possible be the PlayStation 4, can it?

I have to admit, I very much doubt it. Although it’s ill-advised for a company that has revealed the shape or size of its new console to post pictures like this, followed by the phrase “it’s coming,” I think it’s more likely going to be a reference to something else. Either way, it had the desired effect – thousands of peope have liked or commented on the picture. I just wonder how many will be diasappointed when they discover the PS4 bears no resemblance whatsoever.



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