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What Do We Want From Switch 2?

The evidence is mounting. Switch 2 is coming this year, and could be announced as soon as next month.

I’ve been pretty vocal about the need for an upgrade. As someone who has a good 4KTV and little interest in a handheld, visuals have been a barrier for a long, long time. Controversies over issues – especially Pokemon-shaped issues – have done little to make me more interested. My Switch became a Smash machine and, frankly, it’s probably still my most played game this generation.  It was rarely off our screens over the pandemic. The jokes on me. Nintendo win again.

But now that it’s upon us, I’ve been wondering what would actually make me go out and buy the new Switch. What features do I need? What games would I like to see? And I figured I’d share some of my thoughts.

Upgrades (and lots of them)

The Switch has lots of awesome games. And they’re played best on PC. Playing through an emulator – whether legally or illegally – is the best way to play Nintendo’s flagship games from their flagship console. And that has to stop with the Switch 2.

Upgrade the games we own to put out better graphics and smoother framerates. Remind us that Nintendo has the technical punch to back-up their terrific art design.

And try not to make us buy them again, Nintendo, if it’s all the same to you. Slight fees may be acceptable (although free would be better if it’s just a resolution boost). But if you make me buy Breath of the Wild SWITCH 2 EDITION (now at 1440p), you probably won’t get my money.

Better Online Features

I always said that the day Nintendo added achievements to their consoles would be the day I go all in. The idea of cheevos for Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 or other classics would be a giant win for me. Retroachievements got there first, and that’s a pretty big shame for Nintendo.

But it’s not just that. Nintendo still feels oddly retro when it comes to basic online features. Things that I would automatically expect on Xbox and PlayStation come with a question mark when it comes to Nintendo. If the Switch is going to be able to compete on some level with the current devices, it needs to be able to perform well online. That means stability, services and features.

Be More Than Just the Switch 2

I don’t think Nintendo will be ditching the hybrid design. The opposite – handhelds are once again coming into their own. But this time round, they’ll be facing off against high end PC handhelds, and not just the Vita.

Nintendo has untouchable design chops, and a vibe that nobody else can really match. They also know when to take risks, and their gimmicks usually end up interesting. I’d be disappointed if the Switch 2 ended up just being another more powerful Switch. Surprise me, Nintendo. Show the market that at a time when everybody else is playing it safe, you know how to take a risk.


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