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Quest for Infamy Journeys to the Nintendo Switch Next Week

Do you remember King’s Quest? If so, then you may be interested in Quest for Infamy! The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week. Check out a trailer for the game and more information below.

Quest for Infamy is coming to the Nintendo Switch eshop on March 4th.

The game looks a lot like King’s Quest, the classic point and click adventure game. The player is Mr. Roehm, who according to a press release we received, is “a roguish fellow” who “he faces a strange cult that has plans for the peaceful valley, and unravels the connection to a mystery that has long plagued the people of Krasna.” Roehm can learn to be a “a rogue, a sorcerer or a brigand”.

Quest for Infamy is a point and click adventure at its heart but it also features some turn-based combat! Its also features “a large, explorable world, with hundreds of NPCs to interact with – including some very strange and interesting fantasy characters.”

Overall, Quest for Infamy looks like a game that point and click adventure and rpg fans will want to check out! What do you think of Quest for Infamy? Let us know in the comments!


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