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PowerA Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, I was shocked by the lack of dedicated Nintendo Switch Lite merchandise available, especially when it came to protecting your Switch. I was shocked by the number of companies that just re-branded their regular Switch carrying cases with a “Nintendo Switch Lite” logo. While those cases definitely work, I wanted something that was specific to my Nitnendo Switch Lite – thankfully, PowerA delivered with the Protection Case Kit.


For the purpose of this review, PowerA sent over the Turquoise Pokemon Protection Case Kit.

Here are a few brief stats about the case itself from the PowerA website:

This officially licensed case featuring a checkerboard pattern of Pokémon faces and icons, will protect and store your Nintendo Switch Lite and includes screen protector, cleaning cloth, and additional storage.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy outer shell with rubberized handle
  • Includes Screen protector with applicator and cleaning cloth
  • Molded interior precisely fits Nintendo Switch Lite and features felt lining plus zippered mesh storage
  • Built-in padded screen protector flap includes storage for six game cards
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International
  • Two-year warranty

blankWhat’s nice about this set is everything it holds in an incredibly compact design. This is the perfect case to take on a weekend road trip where I only need a few of my cartridges along for the ride. The included cleaning cloth means my Switch is always in pristine condition, and that great screen protector that keeps my Switch from obtaining any crazy scratches. While the screen protector feels natural when on the Switch, I’d still recommend planning to upgrade to a tempered glass screen at some point, as they are more durable, and just a slightly higher quality overall.

That being said, it’s only a recommendation, as this protector has been great so far, with no issues – so many other ‘kit’ set protectors are pretty cheaply made, and I’ve had them begin peeling off within 24 hours. With this set, it’s been an entire week and it looks just as it did on day one!

We will leave the screen protector on for one month and report back on the condition then!



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