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Minecraft Update 1.5 “Redstone” Hits PC’s Early March

Lead Minecraft developer, Jens Bergensten, recently tweeted:

“Minecraft 1.5 will be released in roughly 2 weeks”

Thus, confirming that the next update for the PC version can be expected to arrive as soon as March 11th 2013.

Firstly, for those who remember the events that took place at Minecon 2012, Bergensten announced that the “Redstone” update would be the first in a long line of releases that will focus on specific features, one by one. Due to Mojang’s new approach, you can expect these updates to release every two months or so, with pre-release versions available intermittently.

According to Bergensten, the ingeniously dubbed “Redstone” update will soon add the Block of Redstone, Trapped chest and the Comparator. In addition, the behavior of Redstone will be modified and a couple of tweaks will be made to minecarts, including the addition of special tracks for utility purposes. The update will also feature a completely rewritten rendering and lighting engine as well as address loads of various bugs.

Annoying, long-term glitches will also be addressed. (*cough* South-East Rule *cough*)

Finally, while you wait for the anticipated 1.5 release, you can refresh your memory on everything Minecraft with this awesome, regularly updated Minecraft Wiki.


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