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Black Ops 2 Free weekend on Steam

If you didn’t have anything to do this weekend, that has now changed. Activision and Steam are hosting a free Black Ops II multiplayer weekend, meaning you can download and play one of the most popular online games of the last twelve months without having to shell out a penny. Just head into your library and start the download – it’s a little under 5GBs, so make allowances depending on your connection.

I tried it out last night just to see how the game runs on PC, and I’m pretty impressed with how nice it looks on hardware that can manage it at 1080p and at 60FPS. Next-gen Call of Duty will provide the graphical leap people have wanted since World at War, although PC owners may end up a little disappointed. I don’t see anything changing for them.

There’s also 33% off for anybody that enjoys it enough this weekend that they want to keep it. It’s still not the best price I’ve seen it but, for anybody interested, the discount is there.



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