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@OMGitsJezy Reviews: Turtle Beach Recon 50

He’s back everyone! Jezy is back on the main page of GamesReviews reviewing a headset from the good people over at Turtle Beach. If you remember a few weeks back we posted Jezy’s unboxing video of the Recon 50s – which you can view here – and now he is back with his full review of the product.

Turtle Beach is known for creating great headsets at a variety of price points. How does the Recon 50 hold up next to other headsets on the market? Watch Jezy’s video to get the information on this one, and peruse his channel and GamesReviews for more great reviews from Steel Series, Turtle Beach, Performance Design Products, and more!

You can follow Jezy on Twitter, @OMGitsJezy, and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel. For more great unboxing videos and reviews of a variety of hardware products, stay tuned to GamesReviews, and be on the lookout for Jezy!


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