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How To Play Garry’s Mod On PC

If you are a veteran gamer tired of games following the same redressed storylines over and over again, you probably need a game that will allow you to create something of your own out of it. Why not play Garry’s Mod! Also known as Gmod by the game community, it is named after its programmer Garry Newman. It was developed by Facepunch Studios and published in 2004 by Valve Corporation. It means the game has by now spent enough time in action for the developers to remove any bugs.


This results in a well-developed open-world game, which allows its players to endlessly explore the virtual world, building what they want to with the free available tools. Instead of levels, the players must pass, all gamers who play Garry’s Mod are given equal access to the entire virtual world in the game.

Sometimes defined as a more complex version of a source engine, Gmod equips its player with complicated building tools that they can use to build physical objects in the virtual world, from rockets to supercars. In fact, if you play Garry’s Mod, the game will give you additional, unleashed access to all the characteristics of the source games that are already available on your gaming PC. Since you have unchecked access to the entire virtual world, you can put your creativity to the test and make yourself the game you have always wanted to play but never found anywhere.

How To Play Garry’s Mod:

Since it is a free-roaming game, it provides you with diverse tools to play around with. The tools include two guns, named the tool gun and the physics gun, allowing you to interact with all the objects present in the game, such as furniture and other props. The tool gun will help you combine different objects to create a new one while you play Garry’s Mod, and the physics gun works to aid you in lifting, freezing and generally moving objects around according to your building blueprints.

As the game was initially a modified version of Half Life 2, it will work better and provide a more fun gaming experience if you download other source engine games with it onto your PC. This is because you will be able to integrate the tools provided by other games into Gmod, gaining even more creative freedom than the game itself offers you. For Gmod versions below 13, downloading another source game is a must, while for versions 13 and over, the game will function without another source game; you will have a more enhanced Garry’s Mod gameplay if you choose to do otherwise.


If you do download another source game with your Version 13 Gmod, you will also have access to a landscape generating option by using the Lua programming language, according to the instructions of different players, which you can find on Steam.

You can also join the world created by other players by simply joining their servers, and taking part in a monster shootout or a high school rivalry.

Features of Gmod:

If you are thinking to play Garry’s Mod, maybe reading about some of the features it offers will convince you to start playing it immediately. These features include:

1) An open-world with no particular quests or storyline to follow

Compared to other open-world games that still offer their players different levels, resulting in boredom that stilts the players’ own creative freedom, Garry’s Mod bans all banality by removing any storyline. This allows the gamers to start with a fresh slate and model their part of this virtual world as they see fit.

2) An opportunity to let your creativity take the reins

By allowing you to use the tools provided to create anything you want, with no limitations except physical ones, Gmod enables your creativity to run free, and create whatever you want. Often, Gmod can also work as a template world for you to design and test your creations in, before deciding if you will be able to make them function in the real world as well.

3) You can play alone, or choose the multiplayer option to play with friends.

Not everyone is a team player; however, sometimes even a lone wolf likes some company. When you play Garry’s Mod, the game will let you choose between single-player and multi-player options according to your mood. Although when going for the multi-player option, it’s best to have a reliable GMod hosting provider for smooth and seamless gameplay.

4) You can also put to use any resources that are created by other players

If you are having trouble getting your creative juices to flow, no worries. Gmod does not make one player’s creations exclusive in its virtual free-roaming world. Instead, if you have no ideas of your own to try out and want to use someone else’s objects, you can certainly do so.

5) The game lets you wonder whether whatever you have created will work or fall apart in the virtual world

Since the game has no storyline, it is a complete guess for the gamers as to whether they will ‘win’ or ‘lose’ – would it work to whatever they have created according to physics or fall to pieces instead.


Game Requirements:

Like all other games, Garry’s Mod also has specific requirements that you must fulfill before you can enjoy the complete experience of creating freely in a virtual world without being hurried along by quests and missions. These include a gaming PC with:

  • At least a 1.7 GHZ processor
  • Windows Operating software: XP/7/8/10/Vista or Linux OS, or OS X
  • A disk space of at least 1 GB; the game does not take up too much memory
  • A RAM of at least 512 MB
  • An Nvidia GeForce 6800 XT or AMD Radeon HD 3600 series graphics card
  • A DirectX 9 Sound Card
  • A working internet connection

If you want to play Garry’s Mod, you must also have a source game previously downloaded into your gaming PC. However, it is possible to forego this requirement if you are downloading Gmod version 13 or higher. Downloading a source game such as Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike or Half Life 2 will add more fun to your gaming experience.

If after reading this, you want to download and play Garry’s Mod, you can do so by downloading the game free of cost.


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