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How does Zelda Impact a New Nintendo Switch Launch

We are only just a few months away from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on Nintendo Switch. Over the past few months, Switch sales have started to slide, signaling that something new is likely around the corner. Nintendo’s concrete plans for 2023 seem a bit lacking, although knowing Nintendo that will change quickly. But will Zelda be the reason Nintendo launches – or doesn’t launch – a brand new Switch?


Lackluster 2023 Plans

It is no secret that Nintendo doesn’t have a ton of concrete launch plans for 2023. Likely coming and unlikely to be delayed are Fire Emblem: Engage and Kirby Return to Dreamland. Likely to launch – although who knows when – is the reboot of Advanced Wars. While I believe it is unlikely that Tears of the Kingdom gets delayed yet again, anything is possible with 4.5 months to go before launch.

So what will Nintendo do this year? Obviously, there will be a bevy of launches on Nintendo Switch Online, but it is unlikely Nintendo is looking to add Gameboy / Advanced or Nintendo GameCube titles to the system. Games high on my list would be Super Mario RPG and Donkey Kong 64. It is likely we get a ton of new DLC from Nintendo as well, most likely for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But after that, it is hard to predict what Nintendo will do. A new sports title perhaps? A brand new 3D platformer for Mario or Donkey Kong? Will Metroid Prime 4 release?

Zelda + Switch…But Which One?

Obviously, the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to move consoles. What has yet to be seen, however, is whether the launch of this game will be used to boost current Switch sales before announcing something new for the holidays, or if this is the perfect time to launch brand new hardware. I can see it from both points of view.

Zelda is a console selling title. Mario is a console selling title. After that, Nintendo is putting out games that might appeal to one fan group or another, but not necessarily games that will move consoles like the flagship franchises. So it would be understandable if Nintendo opted to hold any new hardware for the holiday season – a big buying time! – and instead just launch Zelda on older hardware. That makes sense in so many ways, and is actually what I believe is likely to happen.

On the flip side, it is no secret that recent Nintendo Switch releases have no faired as well on the consoles as their counterparts from a few years ago. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were technically too much for the Nintendo Switch, as are other titles landing on the system from first and third party publishers. I think a revamped Switch makes sense right now, fully backwards compatible with old cartridges, but with more power under the hood. If The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has framerate issues akin to the most recent Pokemon launch, it won’t be good for Nintendo or its fans.

What Do You Think?

What are your opinions on brand new hardware. Is it about time Nintendo does it? Do you think Nintendo will do it? Leave your comments here or on Twitter, and let’s begin creating crazy rumours!


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