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Sea of Thieves Season 9 has Set Sail

Yesterday Rare announced that season nine of Sea of Thieves is available for free with Gamepass across Xbox Series consoles, Xbox One and Windows. It still surprises me the amount of love Rare has put into this game over the years. It’s never been one to resonate with me personally that much, but the fan base is there and they keep the content coming as well. Season 9 introduces Chests of Fortune, valuable chests that can only be found within…

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Resident Evil 4 Demo Impressions

Resident Evil 4 got a very sudden demo this morning – and that means we had a very sudden download to get going. It was well worth it. Resident Evil 4 put this franchise on the map. The PS1 games sold relatively well. 4 outsold them all and, to this day, nearly all of them put together. It was super successful. That was in part due to the films. And so while the remakes of 1 and 2 had a…

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Suicide Squad Might Be Delayed… But It’s Not Enough

When Suicide Squad was shown at the Sony direct, it received mixed reaction. I filed it under “play in a sub service” and didn’t think about it again. Apparently that wasn’t enough for some people. According to Bloomberg, the game has ended up being delayed. This follows backlash from fans. Despite that, it will still likely hit this year. So don’t expect it to suddenly become Arkham City 2. I wrote the other day about how sometimes it seems developers…

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Wargroove 2 – Announcement Trailer

Wargroove was a really fun, strategy game that reminded us a bit of Advance Wars. The game put its own unique fantasy spin on everything though. And now Wargroove 2 has been announced! Check out the announcement trailer below. The first Wargroove had a fantasy setting and this second one has a pirate setting! Arrr. I love pirate stuff, so I have to admit that I find the new pirate setting even more exciting than the first games. The unique…

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Bilkins’ Folly – Console Announcement Trailer

Bilkins’ Folly is an upcoming indie game thats coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and PC later this year! Check out the console announcement trailer below. Bilkins’ Folly will be coming out on the Switch, PS4/5, and PC later this year! This game looks really promising. I love its graphical style and the gameplay looks excellent. I love swashbuckling adventure. This game has pirates, ships, sailing, fishing, treasure hunting, and puzzles too. If you’re looking for an adventure, you should…

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Wo Long: In On The Ground Floor

One of the big releases of this week has been Wo Long, the Soulslike set within the Three Kingdoms period of China. I’ve not played it much, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen. And the most amazing thing? I was in on the ground floor. In all the talk about subscription services, it tends to be the value that comes up the most. People will get really excited about the prospect of getting something for (seemingly) nothing, especially if that…

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Did Suicide Squad Miss the Boat?

There was a time when Suicide Squad and in particular Harley Quinn were huge. And that coincided with a time when superhero GAAS titles were soaked in potential. That time is decidedly not now. I don’t have strong opinions on the showing of Rocksteady’s new Suicide Squad. It debuted to mixed reaction at this week’s PlayStation State of Play, and while I won’t be rushing out to buy it, decent reviews make it a must-play at some point. These are…

Razer Blade 15 1 News 3 months ago

Razer Blade 15 Laptop Announced

The Razer Blade 15, the latest in a long line of thin and lightweight 15" gaming laptops, is now available. Fitted with the 13th generation Intel® Core™ i7 13800H processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 40-series GPUs up to the RTX 4070, this ultra-portable gaming machine packs a powerful punch. Thanks to improved vapor chamber cooling and thinner 0.05mm exhaust fins, it's 25% smaller than its predecessor, the Blade 16 - yet it still delivers exceptional thermal control.

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Who Remasters the Remasters?

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a very quick raft of releases of old games for new consoles, and not a single one has released without some issue, big or small. Just think about that for a second. Goldeneye, Tales of Symphonia. Hell, even the Blade Runner release from last year is still being fixed (which is admirable, but plays into my point here). There is clearly a demand for old games. There are entire communities of retro fans…

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The Great VR Experiment Continues

PlayStation VR2 releases this week, and reviews are fantastic. Unsurprisingly, if you’re already sold on VR and have a PlayStation 5, you’re not going to be disappointed by VR on PlayStation 5. But this is the latest VR device to hit stores, and it’s yet another test of just how this area of the industry is going to go. It’s one thing to have PCVR, it’s another entirely for it to hit the mainstream through consoles. I say mainstream. That’s…