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The Google Pixel Tablet – A Few Months Later Review

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Google Pixel Tablet. While many – including ourselves to some extent – hammered the product for not being the most powerful device on the market, I’ve found myself using this tablet more and more around the house. I’ve since purchased another one. The cat is probably out of the bag on what I think of this tablet at this point, but let’s recap how I’ve been using it!


After initially testing out the tablet in-place of my Google Nest Hub Max in our kitchen, my wife and I agreed that the best place for the Pixel Tablet was downstairs in my office. So after cleaning up my overly messy desk, we found a spot on the corner for the display.

I work from home, and being in the basement really does keep me away from all the activity upstairs, including home deliveries, thermostat controls, pet feeders, and more. While my phone is always an option to keep on top of these things, I’m always losing my phone or leaving it upstairs on the counter. I needed something downstairs that was more permanent.

I also work in a variety of places. I’ll be working from my desk, moving to my table for filming and reviewing board games, walking a room over to fold laundry, and more. Having the ability to detach the tablet and carry it with me from location to location has been amazing.

When I return to my desk, the tablet returns to the base station and begins to charge. I cannot tell you the number of times my iPad or Pixel device has died because I failed to plug it in. My Google Pixel Tablet has NEVER died since the day I got it, which is a pretty good accomplishment for me!


For what I use the tablet for – monitoring my Google Home, watching shows on Netflix, Disney+, Discover+, etc., editing thumbnails for YouTube videos – I don’t need the most powerful device on the planet. This is perfect for me, and does everything I need it to do, at a fairly low price point (including the dock base). I think for general use around the home, the Google Pixel Tablet is a superior product to other tablets on the market in terms of price and features.

If you are an Apple family, there is little hope I’m going to convince you to change. But if you ever been thinking about it, the Google line-up is better and more fleshed out with the introduction of the Pixel Tablet. This is an exceptional device, in my opinion, and one I’m really happy to own!


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