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Reigns on Stadia

Reigns on Stadia

Release: December 22, 2020
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Nerial
Genre: Google Stadia Reviews, Reviews, Simulation
PEGI: E10+


Generic About Rating
6.0 - Gameplay
6.0 - Video
5.0 - Audio

Reigns is a text based strategy game that takes place in Medieval times where you are king of the land. The game play is extremely simple, giving payers the option to swipe left or right when you are ready to make a decision after reading the text. Each time you play you are given a king to control, with the simple objective of trying to live as long as you can. Each decision you make will impact the story in some way, so be careful. It is very important to keep an eye on the top of the screen, as you will see four icons that represent the church, people, army, and treasury. When one of the icons are depleted its game over. When making decisions you need to be mindful how it will impact each category. Each decision you make will have consequences or rewards.


There are several ways to die in the game depending on what category has been depleted. Once your character is dead, you will automatically start over as a new king under a different timeline. I played the game for several hours ruling with over a hundred different Kings. After putting some time into the game, it starts to get repetitive and predictable on which story you will have.


The game is very easy to play and I found no controller is required. The game is fun to pass the time, and for the price, it is worth a play. While playing with Stadia it was smooth and the ability to play anywhere was a definite plus. I wish there was more to the story as it is definitely lacking. The game sound is very simple as well. Overall it’s a fun game to pass the time but doesn’t have any replay value due to the lack of depth.




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