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I smell something delicious… Could it be a Magical Delicacy Metroidvania?

I have to be honest, when I first heard of Magical Delicacy I didn’t understand how it would be a game about cooking and simulation but also a Metroidvania. Well, I recently had the pleasure to try the demo of the game during Steam Next Fest, and I fell in love with the game completely. The concept is perfect for every cozy gamer, and wait until you experience the beautiful scenery, music, NPC characters and just the environment as a whole, you too will fall in love with this amazing game.blank

In Magical Delicacy, brought to you by sKaule and Whitethorn Games, you play as Flora, a young witch who came to stay in a beautiful harbor town of Grat, in order to explore her magical abilities and better understand who she is. In this game, Flora utilizes the power of magic to cook delicious dishes for the townsfolk, by utilizing a variety of ingredients she either purchases from local merchants, forages from around the town or even grows in her own garden. Yes! She has a backyard where she will grow her own food and it is just the most wholesome idea ever. Another, amazing concept of this game is the ability to customize the storefront that Flora takes over where she prepares her meals and rests for the night. This game features a night and day cycle, so once it becomes dark, Flora has the option to go to bed. Another key element of this game is that the weather changes, and you will walk around the town of Grat and suddenly it may rain and it’s just gorgeous. A pluviophile like myself is grateful for small details such as these in a game, especially being a lover of Metroidvanias.

Key Features of Magical Delicacy include:

Enchanted Recipes: collect new recipes and ingredients through trade, questing, and exploring throughout the town of Grat.

Bewitching Appetites: learn an extensive cooking system, allowing for creative choices to fulfill even the oddest orders.

Magical Narratives: experience a linear story with many optional encounters and free play opportunities.

Charmed Environments: traverse a 2D platformer inspired by Metroidvanias, gain new abilities, reach new areas, and unlock shortcuts.

The demo is part of Steam Next Fest from February 05-February 12, so if you’re a fan of Metroidvanias and cozy games, this demo is a must. Magical Delicacy will be available on PC and Xbox One and Series S|X. It will also be available day one with Xbox Game Pass, coming this year.

To get all the fresh updates of this wholesome game, be sure to follow Magical Delicacy on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, and visit the official website. Follow sKaule on Twitter and their official website.


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