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Indie Game Review Corner: Dead Estate A Rogue-lite shooter game Full with Monsters

What is Dead Estate?

Ever wonder what a shooter game in a mansion full of monsters like? Well Dead Estate is that game, it is a beautiful pixel game which you can pick multiple characters and do a rogue-lite run going room after room, and floor after floor just by killing monsters. However as you progress through each level the monsters get stronger and smarter that you will have to change your strategy as you keep progressing through ever floor, but before you can go to the next floor you will have to fight a mini boss that can be quite tough especially since you only have one life, one run. But you are not alone, through each floor you will find certain characters that can help you get stronger or get better weapons to fight these monsters, and to purchase these upgrade every monster you fight drops currency to purchase the items or upgrade and sometime there are treasure chest throughout each floor that has bonus upgrade or weapons that can make help you hunt down these monsters easier or make you stronger as well.


What makes this game unique?

A few things that made this game unique in a way is how love how each room is randomized and you never know what to expect or what kind of monsters you will find, because there could be traps you don’t even know or there could be a monster where you have to take your time before you shoot at it because it is immune in a certain way. This game has it all,  from their unique characters and weapons that each character to the most frightening monster you can think of, for me they are clowns…They always scare me. Also on top you can play this for a long time with multiple runs with each different characters, so it is a great game if you want to try do a speed run because time is for sure not going to be your friend in this game.



What I think about this game?

I love how the game feel, I was playing with a controller and it was so easy and smooth, I love the visual of the game from the environments all the way to the effect of the weapon and monster design. The game is for sure a fun game with some challenging twist for sure, it deserve all the love of a rogue-lite shooter type game and each run can last for at least about an hour or so. Also as you do a run you will have many different encounters and one of them is a character you can rescue that we can unlocked and play when we do another new run, and before I forget if you stay on a floor too long, a monster will appear and start chasing you. (Spoiler Alert) This monster that chase you is immune, because it is the final boss of the mansion to complete the run. So if you like a fast-paced Gory game that is a rogue-lite shooter with a mansion full of monster this is for sure your game.


Overall: 9.0
Visuals: 9.0
Audio: 9.0
Gameplay: 9.0


Platforms: PC
Developer: Milkbar lads
Publisher: 2 Left Thumbs
Release Date: 19th October 2021