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A Powerful Wireless Gaming Headset RIG 900 MAX Review

The year is almost over and I have to say there have been many great headsets both wired and wireless, however, I have to say the RIG 900 Max HX from Nacon RIG will have to be my favorite headset of 2023, and this is a must headset for all gamers. Here is a short description of what the RIG 900 Max HX has to offer to us:

The 900 MAX is the first gaming headset to feature a customized 3D audio experience with Dolby Atmos Headphone Personalization. Conventional headphone surround experiences are designed
using generic head and body types without considering the natural diversity of the human body. Dolby Atmos Personalized Audio uses your phone and the Dolby Personalization App to build a tailored
acoustic map from a detailed analysis of your ears, head, and shoulders, creating an exceptional immersive experience.

Boasting phenomenal connectivity with low-latency 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1, the 900 MAX HX lets you connect wirelessly to all your favorite gaming devices, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile.

Battery Life and Performance

When it comes to Headset no matter what brand it is for a wireless gaming headset, the most important factor is battery life. How long does it last? With the RIG 900 Max, I have to say it has fantastic battery life, I know the feature said it is up to 60 hours for Bluetooth or 50 hours for 2.4 GHz which to me is astounding. I never had to worry about my headset dying at all for those long game sessions, especially since it comes with a charge docking station, that way when I am not gaming or sleeping, my headset is charging up for the next long gaming session.


One feature I like about my headset is the accessibility to use my headset for any gaming situation with the dual-mode wireless mode. The 2.4 Ghz Connection via USB wireless adapter is perfect for those competitive gaming sessions that I love to play such as Fortnite or Battlefield, while the Bluetooth 5.1 allows me to game on my Nintendo Switch on the go which I can cycle between Games, Bluetooth or Dual-mode knowing I won’t have any Interruptions at all.

With most headsets we want to have the best experience for anything, this is why we have Dolby Atmos 3D audio that comes with a Dolby Personalization app that scans the shape of my head, ears, and shoulders, the app creates a unique acoustic map to produce a more accurate experience that is tailored just to myself. With this app, I will be able to have the experience that I need for gaming with a rich 3D sound quality that provides both depth and dimension that allows me to detect every sound such as footsteps, noise in the distance, doors open, etc.

The RIG 900 MAX HX provides high-quality audio sounds that give me the best experience I can have that makes me aware of my surroundings. The audio quality is so enhanced or perfect that even playing certain games such as Fortnite, I can hear footsteps or vehicles in the distance and I even know the direction it is coming from. This kind of audio quality is important for any gamers to get the best experience no matter what games you are playing.


One part of the headset I love is the Flip-to-mute functionality that instantly mutes your voice without needing to interrupt my gaming experience. There are a few other headset brand that does the same thing but nothing tops with the RIG 900 MAX HX with its noise rejection technology that comes equipped with the directional microphone. During most of my gaming sessions, I had no problem picking up clear voices either through my friends making calls or just hearing other players during the in-game chat.

Is it Comfortable for long gaming sessions? 

We know the RIG 900 MAX HX has so many great features and quality that, make it the perfect headset for gaming. For any gamers such as myself, the most important quality of any headset is comfort, such can I play any game for many many hours in one session? How will I feel after grinding for Diablo IV for long hours?

I can say the RIG 900 MAX HX performs its job perfectly, there has been a few days I had long gaming session playing either solo or with friends, and the majority of headset I use that I always have a problem during these long gaming sessions is the comfort of my ears. This headset is so lightweight that it didn’t feel like it was heavy at all on my head, usually most headsets I use either feel a bit heavy or there is just a slight pressure on my head or my ears. The fabric for the RIG 900 MAX HX feels so good that my ears are in love with my headset because not only do I get the best audio quality, but my ears can survive for another day without having to worry.


Could this be the headset of 2023? 

As the holiday approaches and 2023 is almost done, would the RIG 900 MAX HX be the headset of the year? I will have to say “yes” because it is so perfect for any gamer no matter what kind of gamer they are. I use this headset for all different genres of gaming from First-person shooter to cozy farming simulator games and I am in love. Most of my gaming session is usually long and with friends so that means I need the best audio quality and comfort that money can buy. For the price of this quality headset that comes with an adapter and charging docking station, I believe it is worth the price and a wonderful present for any gamer or content creator for this holiday.

RIG 900 MAX HX features:

  • Universal gaming headset officially licensed for Xbox and compatible with PlayStation and PC via USB-A wireless adapter.
  • Dual-mode wireless offers 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.
  • React faster than your opponents with Dolby Personalize and Dolby Atmos for Headphones.
  • Durable and flexible steel headband
  • SNAP-FIT sizing and dual-material noise-isolating earcups for all-day comfort.
  • Up to 60-hour Bluetooth battery life.
  • Up to 50-hour 2.4GHz battery life.
  • Base station provides seamless charging.
  • 900 MAX Navigator app available for advanced customization.
  • Flip-to-mute mic for online and solo gaming sessions

It is currently available at Bestbuy and RIGGAMING with a retail price value of $249.99

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