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SteelSeries Shows Siberia 840 Wireless Gaming Headset

If you haven’t read our review of the Siberia 800 headset, head over to that and see why we loved it so much. Although the 800 series deviates from the traditional suspension design that makes SteelSeries products the most comfortable on the market, so many other great features made it an outstanding, elite gaming headset. The company is taking that design to the next level with the Siberia 840 Wireless Gaming Headset.


The 840 is exactly the same as the 800 in terms of what you got then. You will still get the swappable batteries, built in charger in the receiver, the great comfort – albeit not as good as other SteelSeries headset – and connectivity to most platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The new addition this time around is the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity, something that many companies haven’t move towards yet. “Bluetooth connection lets you chat via VoIP clients through your mobile devices. Gamers can also take calls and stream music, all without ever having to take off their headset.”

We will see what we can do about reviewing this new headset for you readers,  but again, head over and see what we thought of the Siberia 800. This is a similar product, with a few new features.


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