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A Zelda-like Bullet-Hell With A Cozy Enchanting Vibe- PC Review.

A Zelda-like Bullet-Hell With A Cozy Enchanting Vibe- PC .

Release: April 2, 2024
Publisher: SoulGame Studio
Developer: SoulGame Studio, IndieArk
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle, Shooter


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8 - Gameplay
8 - Video
8 - Audio

Metroidvanias have gotten so diverse that nowadays we can find practically any subgenre in them. Yet, up until now there have been so many games released that it’s been harder and harder to really capture the attention of a lover of this genre. Which is why when I was made aware of a game called Minishoot’ Adventures, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Now, normally people read the summary of the game, find out from what other games it took its inspiration from and then based on this they hop right into the game. I, however, never pay attention to the descriptions and just start playing. My initial reaction after playing one hour into the game? I am playing a retro Zelda-like game but instead of controlling Link, I get to control a really cute spaceship! Developed by SoulGame Studio and published by SoulGame Studio and IndieArk, this twin-stick shooter Metroidvania has a fresh look, a flash to the past and lots of references to the first Legend of Zelda.


The game begins in a peaceful setting, with small spaceships enjoying their life, the world around them is friendly and everything is as perfect as can be. However, in this world there is a “chosen” one who is in charge of everyone. Eventually though, they have to give up their powers, keeping the balance between the inhabitants and allowing others to have their chance.  However, the chosen one didn’t want to give up his powers and instead broke a blue crystal that kept all the evil energy inside. Upon release of the evil red energy, the Unchosen fled the scene unwilling to take responsibility. Eventually the story goes with an uprising of a red army (the enemies) that didn’t want anyone else being named the chosen one or give up the powers of the world. The next chosen one flees himself from a trapped crystal where he was supposedly imprisoned forever and thus the story begins with this cute little spaceship on their way to save the world from destruction.


The game has very simple mechanics, you glide around in your spaceship, shoot at enemies with a small rocket, and eventually find all sorts of upgrades along the way. You also have a tree of upgrades to improve your speed, health, weapon range, etc. You encounter your first NPC early on, who actually sells you amazing weapon upgrades. The game takes a very big chunk of inspiration from the early Zelda games, and in order to advance you have to find the dungeons and get through them with a series of puzzles and new abilities. You might also have to return to certain dungeons because you weren’t equipped with an ability that you needed. Making the Metroidvania element of backtracking very noticeable. This is a bullet-hell and while I myself am not a big fan of shooters or bullet-hell type games, I can safely say that Minishoot’ Adventures would be loved by any beginner of this blended genre. The features of bullet-hell attacks, aren’t as bad as you initially think and actually are quite enjoyable. It definitely is a great stress-reliever.


I also loved the music and atmosphere of this game. While being a bullet-hell, which we know is usually very difficult and might sometimes break a few controllers, this particular game did such a nice blend of cozy and mayhem that I consider this more of a chill game rather than the latter. I thought the spaceships were adorable, the enemies were even cuter and then the atmosphere was so lovely and cozy. The colors just fit with the entire vibe and the music was perfect.

I’ve heard many complain that you get stuck very easily in this game, which might get frustrating. I do agree that this game has a very difficult map system and it isn’t always obvious where to go next. However, the exploration is totally fun and worth it and I’m really happy I got to discover and play this game.


ENGAGE WITH TIGHT COMBAT: Take control of a swift and responsive spaceship, and shoot your way through handcrafted encounters supported by a crystal clear esthetic and crispy game feel. Overcome bosses in intense Bullet Hell battles, with difficulty options for both newcomers and veterans.

VENTURE ON YOUR OWN: Plunge into an entirely handcrafted world built with many interconnections to explore on your own. Lush caverns, ancient temples and sunken cities await you with their unique treasures, challenges and secrets.

RECLAIM THE STOLEN POWERS: Finding the Primordial Powers will improve your combat and exploration abilities while also opening up the map bit by bit as you unlock new paths and reveal shortcuts.

IMPROVE YOUR SHIP: Upgrade your ship by leveling up, finding various items and buying equipment. Don’t forget to rescue your adorable friends; each of them will help you in their own way!

A GAME MADE FOR YOU: Whether you like chill exploration or hardcore Bullet Hell, we got you covered with 3 difficulty modes, aiming assistance, auto fire and more accessibility options.


SoulGame Studio is a small independent game studio founded by two french guys who played too many video games in their childhood and decided they had to make their own. They love to create all sorts of quirky and charming universes that we fill with joyful and moving experiences. If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to play a Zelda game with shooting elements then say no more, Minishoot’ Adventures is the game for you. There isn’t a very deep story but you definitely have a lot of achievements to work on and find along the way. Just on steam alone I had around 34 achievements to unlock in a very short game, so there’s definitely a lot to do despite how small it is. The game does keep the charming aspect of what the developers envisioned. I think that the developers did an amazing job capturing my heart with this adorable masterpiece, and if you are into Metroidvanias, Zelda and bullet-hells, this game is a definite must have in your gaming library. You can check out the developers Twitter (X) page and you can find the game on Steam.

Thank you to the developer and publisher for the review code.



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