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Dungeons and Doomknights Brings 8-bit Goodness to the Switch

Yesterday, a game called AdventureQuest 8-bit: Dungeons and Doomknights came out on the Nintendo Switch. I received a review copy of it and have my first impressions. How is this new 8-bit title?


Dungeons and Doomknights is a brand new NES title. The game has been released and is playable on the NES. And now its on the Nintendo Switch. How is this brand new 8-bit title?

Much like NES games, the story is a pretty simple one about a knight going off to fight a great evil. The best part of the story is the game’s dialogue. Dungeons and Doomknights doesn’t take itself seriously. Instead of Zelda’s “Its not safe to go alone, take this!”, you get “Its safe to go alone…” and a wizard steal your axe! The dialogue gets even weirder from there. Love it.

As for the gameplay, the game looks and feels a bit like Adventure of Link, you have a slightly overhead look and a side scrolling look too. And in side scrolling mode, you can jump! Yes, there’s platforming in this game. Combat is pretty simple with you just swinging an axe at the undead. Its pretty addictive though. There are also a lot of saves points too. Dungeons and Doomknights is a lot of fun.

The visuals are very NES but a little more detailed. You can also switch to Gameboy, Virtual Boy or grey toned looks for the visuals. All look pretty cool, though I like the vanilla look the best.


All of this sounds neat right? Well, it gets better! Dungeons and Doomknights isn’t the only game included here. You also get mods of the main game: one is like Pac-man, another stars a dog instead of the knight, and another has dialogue inspired by black and white movies (and its in black and white too).

Not only that but an extra game is included that stars a witch who has to go room to room defeating enemies and solving puzzles with the help of magic spells. Its a pretty cool game.

So far, I really love Dungeons and Doomknights. The entire package feels like a forgotten NES game thats been rediscovered and repackaged with plenty of extras, including a digital manual!

I just got the game yesterday so I’m nowhere near the end yet. I will have a full review of this game as soon as possible. At the moment though, Dungeons and Doomknights is a real treat for someone who grew up playing NES games. I can’t wait to play more of it.

Thank you to Christopher F. Arnold for providing a digital code for this preview and the review. Dungeons and Doomknights is available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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