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Super Dungeon Tactics

Armed with turn-based tactical rpg gameplay, Super Dungeon Tactics invaded the Nintendo Switch last week. I have a review copy of it and I’m finally ready to let you know whether or not you should check out this game. Is Super Dungeon Tactics worth visiting?

The story in Super Dungeon Tactics isn’t that great. Its very basic actually. What saves it from being boring is the game’s sense of humor! The character dialogue is pretty funny. The story and dialogue isn’t perfect but they both do a fine job of setting up Super Dungeon Tactics’ gameplay.


When it comes to the gameplay, Super Dungeon Tactics has a great handle on the turn-based strategy rpg genre. All the basics are present, plus this game expands on them by throwing its own gameplay twists into the mix.

Each of your characters can only move so far. Super Dungeon Tactics does away with tiles and just outlines a specific area that your character can move. Then, you pick up the character you to move and drop them onto the new place. Moving in this game is a bit more like a chess or board game than your typical turn-based strategy game.

In fact, there are dice that you roll before each of your party’s turns, so I guess that does back up the whole board game comparison. The dice can be attached to your character and can help or hurt you in these missions!  There is also a turn order listing at the bottom of the screen that lets you know when its your turn or the enemies, very helpful indeed.

As for attacking, its done by selecting the enemy and pushing A or bringing up a mini menu to specifically select what you want to do. Both attacking and moving works really well. The controls are tight and the battles are easy to control, though definitely hard to master.

There’s so much strategy to be found in Super Dungeon Tactics. I played in the easiest mode possible and this game was still hard. Each move and each attack has to be carefully planned out. The enemies are not dumb and will kill you if you try to blindly charge through battles. Well, blindly charging can work at first, but the deeper you get into the game, the more strategy you’ll need to use.

Missions get more complex as you go. Sure, you have to destroy the enemy on most maps, but there are usually other objectives like saving villagers or destroying a specific target. This is a well thoughtout game!

I do recommend playing Super Dungeon Tactics in small doses though because some of the missions are a bit long or can occasionally feel a little repetitive. Being able to save after each mission makes Super Dungeon Tactics the perfect game to play in small alotments.

Super Dungeon Tactics is a great turn-based strategy game for the Nintendo Switch. it doesn’t do anything that reinvents the genre but it does put its own spin on some tried and true mechanics. It also has very good graphics!


Super Dungeon Tactics is a really good looking game. The graphics look excellent close up and zoomed out too. All of the maps in the game are unique and interesting. There are not a lot of dungeons, but the maps look fantastic.

That said, I do wish there was more variety in the types of enemies in this game. The same enemy type just keeps appearing over and over and it does tend to feel repetitive and a bit boring. The maps and the missions do help make up for the lack of enemy variety some.

Meanwhile, the music and sound effects in Super Dungeon Tactics are good but none of it stands out. You could easily play on mute and not miss much sound wise. I do wish there was voice acting though because the game’s funny dialogue would’ve been even better voiced.

I really like Super Dungeon Tactics and think fans of the genre will enjoy it.


Super Dungeon Tactics is another great strategy rpg for the Nintendo Switch. If you are in the mood for tactical fun in small doses, then this is the perfect game for you! I highly recommend checking this game out soon.

Super Dungeon Tactics gets an 8.0 out of 10!

Note: The developer has released an update “to improve readability of the text on the cards during game-play” today.

Thanks to Underbite Games for providing a digital code for this review. Super Dungeon Tactics is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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