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Hellboy Web of Wyrd Delayed Till October 18th

Hellboy Web of Wyrd looks like it could be one of the best comic book video adaptations we’ve ever seen. It just looks really good. And now we got news that the game has been delayed for two weeks. Let’s talk about it!


Hellboy Web of Wyrd has been delayed for two weeks. The game will now be released on October 18th, 2023. The developers did this so that they could make sure that the game is released everywhere at once.

I applaud them for doing this. They should take all the time they need to make sure the game runs smoothly on all platforms. Usually Nintendo Switch is the platform that gets delayed while everything else is released on time. I can’t say thats whats happening here, but I’m glad to see that no platform is being left behind on this one. I’m also glad its still coming out in October, which is the perfect month for the game, and this year too!

My expectations for this game are very high. The graphics look like the comic book brought to life! The gameplay looks fun and the story should be good too. Plus in one of his last roles, Lance Reddick is voicing Hellboy! Reddick passed away awhile ago. He was a brilliant actor and his voice performance of Hellboy should be amazing!

There’s just so much to look forward to with this game. Hellboy Web of Wyrd has a lot of potential. I’m glad that developer is taking the time to make sure that the game is great!

Are you looking forward to Hellboy Web of Wyrd?


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